Projects and Events


Earth Day Planning

Description: Collaborating with the City of Las Cruces and other partners to host the annual Earth Day Festival.

Dates: November 2016 – April 2017

Project Lead: Pat DeSimio

Food Recovery Network

Description: Partnering with the Food Recovery Network to safely get prepared but unserved food from Taos Cafeteria to local homeless shelters, and working to involve other campus restaurants in the project

Dates: Food pickups and deliveries are Friday mornings at 8:45 a.m. Meet in the campus Barnes & Noble – food safety training is required first. Outreach to campus restaurants ongoing.

Project Lead: TBD

Stormwater Garden Design and Implementation

Description: Designing a green stormwater management system in preparation for the Campus RainWorks Challenge, a national design contest sponsored by the EPA, and then working with the university and local grant makers to implement the designed system along with educational placards

Dates: Design ongoing until December 2017; implementation in Spring Semester 2018

Project Lead: Pat DeSimio

Fall Sustainability Film Series Completed until Fall Semester 2017

Description: Providing free community screenings of documentary films that focus on environmental issues, and arranging for local experts to speak and answer questions after the film

Dates: Planning ongoing; screening tentatively planned for mid-October to early November.

Project Lead: Carol Tessein


Tree Planting

Description: Planting trees with Defenders of Wildlife near Hatch, NM

Date: Saturday, February 11

Time: TBD

Project Lead: Pat DeSimio